Protestant Reformed Christian School
Heritage Christian High School

Mission Statement

The Protestant Reformed Christian School and Heritage Christian High School are private (parental), non-profit, educational institutions offering elementary education for grades K through 8 and high school education for grades 9 through 12 respectively. Our corporate identity is the Association for Protestant Reformed Education, formed and operated by parents and supporters of the school, and governed by a stated constitution and by-laws.

The supreme standard of the school is the Holy Bible, the infallibly inspired written Word of God, the doctrine of which is contained in the historic Reformed standards: the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dordrecht, and the Belgic Confession. As explained in Article I of the School's constitution, the Bible and these standards form the basis for the administration, instruction and discipline in the school.

The sovereign Christ proclaimed in the Holy Scriptures is the redeemer and renewer of our life, including, therefore, our teaching and learning. Consequently, in a school which seeks to provide a Reformed Christian education it is not sufficient that religion be relegated to a subject in the curriculum, but the Word of God must be the fundamental basis of the entire curriculum, and form and permeate every activity and subject taught in the school.