We are affiliated with the Protestant Reformed Churches in America (PRCA). The Protestant Reformed Churches in America (PRCA) is a denomination located in the USA and Canada, with a membership of approximately 7,600 souls. The PRCA maintains its own seminary located in Grandville, Michigan for the training of pastors. The denomination also has mission work in the Philippines.

The PRCA holds to the Presbyterian form of church government. It is divided into 2 regional classes which meet periodically through the year. Representatives from each classis meet for an annual synod in June.

Introduction to the PRCA

Church Leadership

The Protestant Reformed Churches, while honoring the authority of its major assemblies, emphasize that each congregation is a self-governing body of elders, chosen from the members of the congregation. The designation of churches reflects this strong belief in the autonomy of the local church.

Our Church Council is made up of both elders and deacons. There are currently 6 elders and 4 deacons - men who are nominated by the Council and elected at the congregational meeting. Elders and deacons serve a three-year term, with two elders and one or two deacons rotating in each year.

Our many committees provide additional opportunities for members to exercise and develop their gifts of leadership.

Church Membership

We will receive as members all those who know Jesus Christ as their Savior and confess the truth of Scripture as explained in our Reformed creeds – the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Canons of Dordt. In keeping with the fact that God’s covenant is in the generation of believers, we also receive as members the children of believing members. These children are received as minor members of the church through baptism. Their membership becomes full when they come to a mature faith in Jesus Christ and can make a credible confession of their faith before the church.

Membership classes are provided for those interested in joining our church.


Cornerstone Protestant Reformed Church organized in 1999 as a daughter church from South Holland Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. Nathan Brummel was the first pastor of the 25 families that came from South Holland PRC. For the first four years, the congregation met for worship services at the St. John Township Hall in the mornings, and in the evenings at Illiana Christian High school in Lansing, IL. 

On July 28, 2003, the construction of the church building was completed and the official dedication service was held in the evening. Cornerstone PRC has continued to worship in this building to this day.  Rev. Jonathan Mahtani began his calling as pastor in 2011. Rev. Mahtani was the pastor for eight years at Cornerstone until accepting another call. In 2021, Rev. Audred Spriensma accepted the call to be the next pastor and is currently serving as our pastor.

Christian Education

We believe that Christian education is an important tool for training a child of God. We support the cause of Christian education with our gifts of time, finances, and prayers.

The Christian schools that we support are parental-run schools; they are not parochial (church-run) schools. These schools, however, do instruct their students in distinctively reformed doctrines, particularly as they are understood by the Protestant Reformed Churches.

Our children and young people primarily attend the Protestant Reformed Christian School and Heritage Christian High School in Dyer, Indiana.